Attending the EILO Conference in Paris

on Wednesday, 09 October 2019. Posted in News

A summary of the EILO Conference in Paris by David Snell

I really enjoyed the EILO Conference in the centre of Paris this year. Last year in London was my first EILO experience and I like the format – workshops during the first day, discussing Marketing, Pests and Diseases, Biological Controls, Leasing vs Purchasing and more. It was great to share ideas, products, techniques etc with others from all over Europe. These were followed by a few talks by industry experts. I found the one by the French guys particularly interesting. they were talking about the new disrupters coming into the market and a discussion as to whether they were good or bad. A few of the traditionals looked upon them as a threat but others embraced them as good for the industry. Quite a lot of talk was about predators to deal with bugs which are becoming much more prevalent nowadays. The Dutch growers use biological controls exclusively now. You can’t get rid of the problem but you can control it. It has been a damp, warm summer this year, which has made it difficult to control bugs being sent from the grower to the UK,(we’ve noticed this, too).

You can see the EILO Programme here.

The Awards

This was followed by the Awards. There weren't too many awards, which in my opinion is good, but a shame we didn’t get to see the winning schemes as we had to move rooms in the hotel.You can read all about them here though.

Multi storey wall gold leaf

GOLD LEAF Winner: Interior Plantscapes, USA with the Multi-Story Plant Wall

Garden in the air gold leaf

GOLD LEAF winner: Les Jardins de Gally, France with Gare d’Angers – The garden in the air

Different Nature gold leaf

GOLD LEAF winner Calla, Poland with Different Nature (Artificial Green)

Gold Leaf

GOLD LEAF winner: Green Fortune, the Netherlands with NHL Stenden (Interior Landscaping - largest category)

Public Gold Leaf Award

The GOLD LEAF was awarded to: Plant Design, UK with Uncommon Liverpool Street (Public ward)

Interestingly artificials seem to becoming more popular (as in UK) but not entirely sure of whether the purists approve of artificial! A lot of companies seem to be doing moss walls too. There was an amazing winning design with suspended trees in a big atrium. Spectacular! Interestingly two of the Awards were won by a US company and the owner of the business was there at the Conference to collect her Awards.

See more examples of the entries here.

Visiting sites around the city

The second day was spent looking at numerous offices in the city – very varied and interesting but quite a challenge getting 65 people walking, onto public transport and into offices without losing people/ waiting for ages / disrupting offices! Should have been less ambitious with the number of visits and split into 4 groups perhaps.

Untitled 4   Untitled 8

Untitled 9   Untitled 12

Untitled 10   Untitled 11

All excellent for networking (mainly stand-up, finger food throughout the two days – and lots of walking); great friendly, helpful atmosphere. Lovely evening on Friday having dinner on a boat as we glided down the Seine looking at all the sites, being serenaded by singers and musicians and treated to good food and wine. A really good two days!

UK team

My wife joined me on Saturday morning so that we could extend our stay in Paris until Monday, which was a bonus.

David and wife

 Thanks David for the coverage and the images from the tour.