Case Study – Artemis Interior Office Design by Green Team Interiors

on Monday, 04 October 2021. Posted in News

Congratulations go to Green Team Interiors who won a Gold Leaf Award for this Design & Installation over £10K project working with Artemis Interior Office Design (client has asked to remain anonymous).

Artemis Photo 3

General information
As we have been looking after the interior landscaping of a customer site for several years, they put us in touch with Artemis Interior Office Design at the concept stage. This made a real difference as quite often planting schemes can be an afterthought so we were able to meet with Joe Huddleston, the principal architect, from day one. From this initial meeting late in 2019, we saw the site drawings and an idea of the décor and layout of the site project. As the space was designed to showcase the company products and brand, our displays had to complement this. We also commissioned our Digital Artist, Nome Jenkins to help with visuals to be used in our proposal, in order to provide the client with a better understanding of the finished look and design.

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The space comprises a welcome area, lounge, meeting and conference facilities, along with demonstration areas. It is within the Future Home demonstration area that the idea for the combination of a moss wall with live plant displays and a water feature covering the entire back wall area was conceived, and it’s the centre piece of the whole project. For the remainder of the scheme, we needed to select plants and containers that avoided a corporate look, providing a feeling of “home”. Several schemes were presented to Joe and the decision was made to choose wood and ceramic effect containers principally, along with plants that better suited the ‘home-like’ environment.

Artemis Photo 6

27 plant displays and 1 moss wall

For the moss wall we used a combination of reindeer, flat and bun moss in a random design. The moss wall’s base planting shows Aglaonema Key Lime and Friedmann, and other bespoke curved displays all painted to match wall colour RAL7021.

Artemis Photo 2 lr

For the specimen feature displays we used Philodendron Xanadu and Monstea, Aralia, Kentia and Caryota Palms, Dracaena Surculosa and Deremensis and Ficus Robusta.

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For the smaller table top displays we used Dracaena Compacta and Haworthia.

Specimen planters included Bosco Vase and Bowls with a Cemani wood finish, Caribbean Vase, Zayn with woven finish.

Artemis Photo 9 lr

Smaller table top planters were Fibreclay in black and metallic copper finishes.


This was a super exciting project to be involved with. The interior office designers at Artemis were extremely professional and gave a very clear brief, enabling Mark to design a stunning project, using extraordinary containers and showcasing a beautiful moss wall which incorporated a water feature, surrounded by more planting. We worked very closely throughout the entire project, and needed to react promptly when specifications were changed at short notice multiple times. The impact of the initial COVID-19 lockdown necessitated a four month delay in the middle of the installation.

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The bespoke barriers and curved planter had to be fabricated off site which involved critical measurements to ensure everything fitted together perfectly. Everyone at Green Team Interiors is particularly proud of the design that was installed.