Case Study – Bermonds Locke, Aparthotel, Tower Bridge, London by Indoor Garden Design

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2021 Design & Installation over £10,000 


 Best Project

The brief was to provide Mojave themed planting, both inside and out, with as seamless a transition as possible between spaces, including the coffee shop, cocktail bar and dining room, co-working area and any of the 144 bedrooms and the two exterior courtyard areas.General information
The project started in October 2019 when the architects, Holloway Li got in contact about a new boutique apartment – “the latest design-led aparthotel situated right by uber-hip Bermondsey” as the website describes it.

The client was keen on Mojave cacti and desert-looking species so we focused on Cordyline indivisa, Phormium variegatum, Agave desmetiana, Trachycarpus, Kniphofia, Yucca ‘Jewel’ as well as augmenting with some high quality artificial vertical cacti species to maintain the theme of the indoor planting.

1. Co working joinery planter   2. Co working joinery planter

Planting in the co-working area

The internal courtyard is used by customers to sit for coffee, swing in the hammock, relax; here we used free-standing planters. All pots are warm terracotta to give a homely warm feel. One wall is a green wall - shelving with potted plants - helping it to feel less like an enclosed space. While keeping to the theme, there has been a judicious use of trailing plants to hang over the edge of the pots and cascade downwards. Three bijou suites overlook the courtyard on the ground floor and have their own terraces, with opulent bathtubs for filling with ice and champagne for really exclusive gatherings.

7. Courtyard planting exterior

Courtyard planting

The external courtyards are accessible from the street and make use of concrete grey planters, mainly planted with Trachycarpus, Aloe vera and Agave. These frame the doors as clients enter as well as enhancing the view for guests in the dining and co-working areas.

What the judges said
This project was nominated by our judges as one of two ‘Best Projects 2021’. These are the reasons they gave for this decision:

‘This is a very interesting and unusual theme that needs to be seen in the flesh as the reality looks far better than the photos. The adobe theme works exceptionally well and the clever mix of replica and real cacti and succulents is very effective as the replica plants are realistic and convincing. The courtyard herb pots work really well. This scheme has an unusual choice of plants, and was different to anything else the judges’ have seen for a number of years.

3. Restaurant joinery

Restaurant planting

‘Well worth the Best Project Award, as much for the quality as for the originality of the design.’

The materials included:

25 x artificial plants in fibrestone pots
40 x artificial plants in terracotta pots
2 x Co-working joinery units
1 x Food & Beverage joinery planter
2 x Banquette joinery planters
1 x tapered joinery planter
48 x terracotta ‘green wall’ exterior pots
36 x Courtyard plinth pots
16 x black planter stands with interior plants
20 x interior plants in terracotta pots
143 x artificial Pilea in fibrestone pots
6 x special bedroom artificial interior plants in clay fibre pots.
15 x exterior clay fibre pots

4. Interior displays

One of the interior displays

Comments from Indoor Garden Design
An unusual and interesting project, the aparthotel concept is quite new and is a cross between a flat and a traditional hotel where residents can stay for weeks, or maybe even a month or so. Facilities include co-working and meeting areas, as well as the usual hotel facilities.

It was interesting working with the designers formulating the concept, then realising it using quite a limited plant palette. Not all Mojave species are suited to shady interior locations! Also the building was not new, or designed for the purpose, but a renovated factory with lots of nooks and crannies which were both a challenge and an opportunity when it came to the planting.

8. Courtyard planting exterior

More courtyard planting

Covid-19 put a spanner in the installation works, but we managed to be creative and work around the issues associated with the pandemic.

Both the client and architect were very pleased at the culmination of this exciting project when the site opened in August 2020.