Case Study – Ingenuity House, Birmingham by Ambius UK

on Thursday, 11 July 2019. Posted in News

Today's Gold award-winning case study is for the installation at Ingenuity House in Birmingham by Ambius UK.

Ingenuity 1

General information
This was a brand new purpose built building for one of our largest FM clients to become their new head office. They wanted great design, functionality and their plants maintained to a high standard. We looked at a couple of designs to meet their budget before we decided on the final look. The client wanted something large on the restaurant/atrium floor and practical planting underneath the stair cases to act as a barrier to cover a health and safety issue with people bumping their heads.

Ingenuity 2

As this is an unusual shaped building the stair cases run around the triangle shaped interior.

They had also previously purchased cabinets as part of the office furniture that had built in areas on the tops for plants. These units were not designed to be water proof so liners needed to be made to fit snugly inside them so that they could be planted with live plants.

Ingenuity 3

This building also has very sensitive special access areas where the plants needed to be tall to act as a sound barrier and enclose a space.

There were so many requirements within this brief it made it a great project to be a part of.

A number of different shaped fiberglass planters were used, along with plastic moulded liners for the cabinet top plants.
Planters include:
Large Blobs
Curvy Barriers
Vegas Bowls
Large Sphere’s
Linik Troughs

Ingenuity 5

We have used a selection of plants for different areas of the building. including:
2 x Heteropanax Chinensis Branched 320cm
Aspidistra 50cm
8ppp Kentia Palms
A selection of succulents
Sansevaria Laurentii / Black Coral

This design was really interesting and fun to put together. There are areas in the building using plants for functionality, such as the 3rd floor special access office area. This is a closed space that requires special access at all times due to the sensitive nature of the clients it looks after. A fun and modern look for the reception and restaurant atrium area was created.

Ingenuity 4

Some favourite parts of this design are the large Heteropanax trees and Zamiifolia under the stair cases. Using round blob-like containers gave a very modern and fun look for an office environment.