Case Study – Lush – Creative Showcase

on Tuesday, 11 December 2018. Posted in News

Indoor Garden Design

Here is the last of our award-winning special event installations for Lush, a Creative Showcase by Indoor Garden Design.


General information

Lush hold a creative showcase every year to invite staff and clients; this particular year they selected Tobacco Dock in East London as their location.


As Lush has a diverse portfolio in product range we were instructed to create two themed rooms; room one was a Conservation room which held talks on deforestation and other environmental issues. This room included rainforest planting and featured an elaborate entrance where visitors walked through a tropical arch into the main rainforest area which included a bark pathway leading into the seminar space.


The second room depicted a meadow area relating to Hunt Sabs and was designed to replicate countryside where hunting would take place.


There were also 30 other rooms we worked on which featured a mixture of plants 5cm – 3m tall styled in terracotta pots to coincide with their store branding. These areas were styled using Boston ferns and a variety of succulents.


Bespoke built rustic wooden fencing and gate
Small potted plants including: Daisies, tulips, white trumpet lilies, hydrangeas, roses


Replica Pampas
Carex grasses


Lush is a well-known global brand it was great to work with the project team on their concept for this huge event.


We had over 20 IGD technical staff working on the installation over 2 days, which included building a bespoke rustic fence around the meadow area and laying substantial areas of turf - actually trying to source turf and meadow type plants in January was a particular challenge!


This was the first time we had worked with Lush and they put a lot of trust in our abilities, however that trust was well founded as they were extremely pleased with the result.