Best Project 2020; Case Study – Marlin Hotel Dublin by Greenscene Interior Plant Display

on Tuesday, 08 September 2020. Posted in News

Now we’ve had our virtual Award Ceremony, we can feature the case studies of some of our Green Leaf Award winners this year at last. We are starting off with the best projects in Design & Installation and Maintenance.

The Marlin Hotel Dublin was nominated as one of two Best Projects in Design and Installation category. It was designed and installed by Greenscene Interiors.

Marlin 10

General information
The Marlin Hotel Dublin is a brand new boutique hotel situated near Stephens Green and Grafton Street. I met the builders on site in May and what started off as a small enough project in the interior of the hotel, turned out to be the landscaping of the entire perimeter of the hotel and the 1st floor roof garden.

Marlin 11

We were given a proposed completion date mid-July. For the purpose of this competition, I am focusing on the hotel interior and roof garden.

Marlin 7

The clients brief
We worked closely with the architects on the interior design of the hotel and after many emails, meeting and sample deliveries, we started to install wherever we could as the PC date came ever closer. The garden is nearly always the last to be done but because of the scale of this project we had to take every opportunity to install our part of the project whenever it arose. We found ourselves offloading other contractor’s trucks and carrying furniture around the place in order to facilitate the delivery of our products.

Marlin 5

The planting included green wall panels, tropical wood and replica ivy, one very large replica olive tree, a range of ceramic and pottery pots, custom made GRP planters.

Marlin 6

Plant selection included various replica planting, live planting for the interior, for instance: Spathhiphyllum, Dracaena, Kentia, Monstera. Exterior planting: Bamboo, Buxus, Hedera, Astlibe, Japanese maple, Taxus baccata, Euonymus, Geranium, Skimma.

Soil and drainage gravel.

Marlin 15

All's well that ends well, we met all the deadlines and out of pages and pages of a snag list, only three items related to us and these were addressed in one visit of 30 minutes. The hotel has been up and running for a few months now and offers great job satisfaction to nip in for a cup of coffee and enjoy it while giggling away quietly and remembering the chaos involved in getting the place looking like it is today.

Marlin 13

Judge’s comments
“Marlin Hotel, Dublin - This was one of the most impressive sites I saw this year, even though much of it is replica foliage. The replica Olive tree in the restaurant area is stunning, as are the replica green walls and plants throughout. There is a skilful mix or real and replica plants, such that you don’t notice that some are replica. The choice of containers was excellent, and they complement the other fixtures and fittings. A very stylish scheme.”

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