Case Study – Rana Pop-Up Shop by Indoor Garden Design

on Saturday, 02 November 2019. Posted in News

This case study feature a Gold Leaf Award for a Special Event, Rana pop-up shop headed up by Ian Drummond of Indoor Garden Design.

Rana event 9 OUTSIDE

General information
Rana approached us about a pop up grocers to launch their 6 new pasta flavours. The brief was to create an organic and Instagrammable space which was to be there for 5 weeks.

We created a landscape around the front windows to draw people in. Once inside each pasta flavour had a zone that was defined by the colour of the packaging enhanced by plants, cut flowers and foliage. The store was maintained regularly for the 5 week period.


The first welcoming feature was the front shop transferred into a woodland, foliage display which attracted customers to look into the shop. The floor of the shop was enhanced with oak leaves to remind customers of the walk in the woods.

Rana event 7 YELLOW  Rana event 8 RED

The front shop was arranged with a variety of exterior plants like skimmia, policarpa, ivies and ferns. Followed by a variety of exterior foliage with interesting textures and colours.

Rana event 6 GREEN

The interior themed walls had an exquisite range of flowers and foliage to create colour coordinated themes. Starting from callicarpa, pampas grass, craspedias, hydrangeas, heathers, herbs, amaranthus, asparagus, magnolia leaves, eucaliptus etc.

Rana event 3 PINK

Rana event 4 BROWN

Rana event 5 PURPLE

The counter was composed of a variety of plants to include asparagus, herbs, skimmia, ivy with incorporated bark and other variety of cut foliage and moss.

Rana event 1 DOWNSTAIRS

The downstairs area was arranged with the same types of foliage and plants to keep in the natural woodland theme.

Rana event 2 DOWNSTAIRS