Case Study – UBS Christmas, Indoor Garden Design

on Tuesday, 19 November 2019. Posted in News

Our last Christmas case study is for Indoor Garden Design's installation at UBS. This Gold Leaf award-winning design was a reworking of past installations reinvented for 2018.

Picture 7 UBS Xmas 2018 Zig Zag trees with poinsettias

Don't forget to enter your Christmas installations for the next Awards so take your photos as you install them! The deadline entry is closer than you think, 31 January 2020.

General information
Following the success of the past two year's schemes, the client decided to keep to the same one.

2018's installation took into consideration a natural element as the client wanted to bring in some bright live planting into the scheme, they also decided to change the look of the suspended décor and the décor inside the Zig Zag structures.

Picture 5 UBS Xmas 2018 Single Zig Zag Tree

Live Christmas Trees from 1m – 3m

Picture 10 Xmas 2018 Live Trees with Poinsettias

‘Zigzag’ trees 1m – 3m

Picture 2 UBS Xmas 2018 Ramp Trees 1

Large wreaths in windows
Wreaths on stands

Picture 9 UBS 2018 Xmas Desk Wreath

Artificial garlands
Fish bowl table top decorations
Large Baubles

Red and Silver decorations 

Battery Lights
Giant Red Baubles and Holly Leaves (1m diameter red glitter baubles – 16kg each)

Picture 6 UBS Xmas 2018 Giant Hanging Baubles with Holly

Over 800 red Poinsettias
400 red recycled plastic containers

It was a great challenge to create a new look and keep the theme the same as the past 2 years; however being the last year for the structures it was paramount that the theme was very different!

Picture 3 UBS Xmas 2018 Giant Baubles and Group 2

Picture 2 UBS Live Trees Above 1