EILO take London to the Green Limit

on Thursday, 27 September 2018. Posted in News

Over 70 people from companies based in the UK, Belgium, The Netherlands and Germany attended EILO's London Conference last week, gathering on Thursday at the Apex London City Hotel for an afternoon of interesting talks from a range of people/companies.




Starting with a workshop to exchange ideas on pricing, hourly rates and more; this was followed by 'welcome drinks', Benoix Pelleriaux, Chair of EILO and Marieke Karssen opened the conference with introductions.

Welcome drinks




Oliver Heath
The 'Keynote' speaker was the well-known Biophilic designer and architect, Oliver Heath. Oliver kept everyone interested with his explanation about biophilic design, the key principles to the effects of circadian lighting.


Oliver 3


Covering some well-known ground, Oliver referenced the 14 Patterns of Biophilic Design, the Savannah Theory and the costs of staff to a business - a whacking 90% - so it's well worth keeping them healthy. He also referenced much of the research that has been covered over the years about the benefits of plants. He was well worth hearing.

Our own Tom Palfreyman, MD of Urban Planters Franchise gave an overview of the state of the industry in the UK which is seemingly pretty buoyant. His facts were gathered from several member companies not just Urban Planters.




We were personally very excited to hear Jan-Pieter Melis of Nieuwkoop discuss the possibilities of recycling within the industry. He is trying to get more feedback and to start the 'conversation'. He can be contacted with your thoughts via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or in person, at Nieuwkoop's Relationship Days at the beginning of November. Let's get this started!

Richard Sabin of Biotecture started a passionate and off-the-wall conversation about green walls and especially the one that TFL want to remove. If you've met or heard Richard speaking before, you'll know that he is passionate about plants and their capabilities.

The next two speakers from Holland, Dewi Hartkemp and Peter Oei, took us through their plan for Healthy Green Spaces targeting HR Managers. Using an online tool they are encouraging HR Managers to interact with them about the importance of wellbeing to their companies. As yet, we don't believe the website is live: www.worksnaturally.eu

Paul Adler of Vistagreen Artificial Walls made a good case for these versatile walls for both indoors and out.

The quick-fire presentations
After these main presentations all with question time at the end of each, eight companies presented information about their products and services in five minute presentations.

Plants XL
To finish the formal part of the evening Sander Kroll presented his new book, Plants XL with opportunities for those present to purchase a copy at a special 'conference' price. Anyone who is familiar with Sander's previous books in the series wasn't disappointed with his latest one.


Sander Benoix


The evening ended with a buffet and opportunities for networking.

Thursday night buffet


Day 2: A walking tour (mainly)

The following day, the group visited some 'green highlights around the City ending with supper at the Pont de la Tour Restaurant. This was a walking tour taking in some great sights including Uncommon Co work Space, Crossrail Roof Gardens at Canary Wharf followed by lunch. The afternoon included a visit to XLCatlin, a global insurance company followed by a visit to 20 Fenchurch Street - the Sky Garden and three storeys of exquisitely landscaped public gardens, observation decks and an open air terrace where Richard Sabin of Biotecture gave us some background information.


Uncommon 5


Sky Gardens 3Sky Gardens

XLCatlin 3

Uncommon 6


Crossrail 2

Crossrail 4


This was followed by a boat trip, another way to see London! Finally supper at Pont de la Tour which was enjoyed by all.

Another successful EILO Conference and tour was enjoyed by all.