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Yesterday the new emission laws in London ULEZ were introduced. They operate 24 hours a day to reduce air pollution and call on vehicles to pay fines if they don't meet the requirements. Essentially this means all diesel vehicles including lorries, buses and coaches will be charged £100 a day for using the Central London area and £12.50 for cars, vans and motorbikes.

ULEZ court BBC

Image courtesy of BBC

These charges will be in addition to the Congestion charge and maybe higher if the vehicle is more than four years old or doesn't meet the Euro Standards.

Reducing pollution in our capital city can only be a good thing and we are told it will spread to other large UK cities too. When studies suggest that by 2050 60% of the world will be urbanised, this can't come too soon.

Initiative from the Mayor of London
This initiative in London is the work of the London mayor, Sadiq Khan who expects this initiative along with 'greener' London buses and more will reduce pollution by 45% in two years.

It doesn't stop there though; as you'll see as he's planning on planting more trees and providing more space for walking and cycling. He also wants to make it easier for people to know how to choose greener cars.


Green walls and screens
We are pleased to see this initiative to reduce harmful pollution which is affecting residents, workers and children and think these restrictions should definitely make a difference. It is also good news that more trees and green spaces are planned.

Meanwhile several of our members are making a difference with green walls and screens, the latter particularly around schools.

Regal House 2 lr

Regal House green wall by Biotecture

Mobilane green screen

Green screen by Mobilane

Research has shown that green walls on the outside of buildings can absorb toxins including the Nitrogen given off by diesel and fine dust particles. And every little helps. Working together and bringing nature back to urban spaces can really help in so many ways - clean air, biodiversity, noise absorption.

Read more about the benefits of green walls and roofs here.