Surround yourselves with plants

on Wednesday, 15 April 2020. Posted in News

These are trying times for all of us whether you are a business owner trying to decide on your best course of action going forward, or an employee unsure of your future. For all of us, no matter our position, the fear of catching the dreaded Coronavirus plays on everyone’s minds.

What is the best way to manage your concerns during this time? We think

  • Keep an eye on government announcements to see if they affect you
  • Be mindful to follow the basic advice of social distancing, isolation and hand washing
  • Don’t spend your whole time watching and reading about COVID-19
  • Get outside if you can obviously within the guidelines
  • Get some exercise
  • Surround yourself with plants

Surround yourselves with plants

You won’t find the last suggestion amongst government edicts but we know it is as good as getting out and about in nature which may not be possible right now. Plants give you something else to think about and to care for. You probably think we would say this but plants really do have a calming effect. To stay sane in this climate, you’d be surprised how a few plants can help.

Ferns FCH

Image courtesy of The Joy of Plants

A recent study suggested that just one plant on a desk was enough to calm us down especially if we were able to take care of it too. Although this study is very recent, it’s not the first one to say that just one plant can make a difference; Margaret Burchett of the University of Technology in Sydney, also found that just one plant could have a calming effect on office workers ten years ago.

Home office 4

Image courtesy of Flokk


Bird of Pardise (Strelitzia) - Image courtesy of Flower Council of Holland

They are not just a calming factor but also we have an innate need to connect with nature better known as the biophilia theory. We’ve all heard of it and many of us know what it is it is our innate need. So when we’re too busy or when we can’t go out because of restrictions, then surrounding ourselves with plants is a great substitute.

Plants also refresh the air; this might not be so crucial while the weather is nice and we can open windows but when it’s cooler, plants are a great help.

Which plants?
How green are your fingers? If you’re good with plants and have the space and time to care for them then it probably doesn’t matter and you’ll enjoy the challenge anyway. If you’re not so confident try ZZ, Snake plant, Succulents, Cactus, Spider plants, Peace Lilies.


Zamioculcas (ZZ plant)


Succulents - Image curtesy of Flower Council of Holland

Peace lily

Peae lily (Spathiphyllum)

Are you having trouble sleeping?

With anxiety over the pandemic, relatives, work, cash-flow and more, our sleep is one of the first things that suffers. We all need a good night’s sleep to restore us for the next day. Ongoing poor sleep can leave you vulnerable health-wise too.

There are many things you can do to help get a good night’s sleep from making your bedroom a suitable space for sleep and keep TVs off and not looking at phones or screens just before bedtime.
But did you know plants can help too? Plants in the bedroom used to be taboo but we know they can help to create a calm space for you to get those zzzzzs.

The best plants for the bedroom
These include those that release oxygen at night refreshing the air you are breathing when you sleep like the Sanseveria aka snake plant or orchids.
Other plants that help are those known to have calming effects such as the Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum), lavender, Jasmine or Hoya (wax) plant. The last three are perfumed plants which are known to relax you ready for sleep.

Jasmine  Hoya


Jasmine Hoya (wax flower) and Lavender

Working from home

For many working from home is a dream until the reality hits home! Some of the things that home workers often find distracting are the lack of routine and one to one contact. You can overcome these by creating your own daily schedule including starting work at the same time each day after getting dressed. Have a dedicated work area in your home and make time to be in contact with your work colleagues virtually.

Some important things to take into consideration for your home working space are daylight or good light. If you are lucky enough to place your desk close to a window you might also have a good outlook. Of course, having plants on your desk or nearby and in view will help to keep your focused and less stressed.

Plants can help you to cope with these stressful times. If you’re lucky enough to work with plants like our members, then that’s a bonus.