THANKS PLANTS Launches Relaxing London Houseplant Hotel Suites

on Tuesday, 15 October 2019. Posted in News

A green oasis in the middle of London’s concrete jungle marks the start of’s Thanks Plants campaign on 15 October 2019. Hotel guests can experience the relaxing benefits of houseplants in three biophilic-designed hotel suites.


Thanks Plants campaign
We are thanking plants for everything they do for us in the Netherlands, Germany, France and now also the United Kingdom. They make us more relaxed, they bring nature close to us and they turn our house into a home. The Flower Council of Holland (FCH) is therefore running the successful international publicity campaign Thanks Plants for the second time. The United Kingdom is the last to join in the campaign this year, and is launching with a PR stunt at Leman Locke Hotel in London today, on 15 October.

Oliver Heath 2

Oliver Heath's bedroom deisgn

Biophilic design at Leman Locke Hotel

In the trendy Leman Locke Hotel in East London three designers have each transformed a studio suite into a plant sanctuary. Each studio will be a feast for the senses where you can experience how houseplants can benefit you. Your creativity and productivity will boosted in the Productivity Suite designed by Oliver Heath from Oliver Heath Design, or you can choose to reignite your passion in the Romance Suite designed by Nik Southern from Grace & Thorn, or you can opt for total relaxation in the Tranquility Suite designed by Mr Plant Geek, Michael Perry.

Nik Grace Thorn 2

Nik from Grace and Thorn

Nik Gracce Thorn 2

It’s all about biophilic design which strengthens the connection between people and nature by incorporating natural elements into the built environment.

Mr Plant Geek 1

Mr Plant Geek

Bookable stays

The three hotel suites will be open to the public to book a stay until 10 November 2019. Booking to stay can be made via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. All bookings for the three rooms made directly via the email will automatically receive a 15% discount.

Mr Plant Geek 2

Multimedia campaign
The PR activity will be running in conjunction with a large national multimedia Thanks Plants campaign that consists of the commercial video running in selected cinemas across the UK, DOOH advertising in London, Manchester and Birmingham, online video, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and FCH's own channels. The campaign will run for four weeks from 14 October.

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