The delicious Monster claims the accolade Favourite Office Plant 2018

on Monday, 09 July 2018. Posted in News

Monstera deliciosa stole the show in the judges' eyes to claim the title of Favourite Office Plant 2018.


Fulfilling the criteria for the plant that makes a statement and a retro comeback as well as the plant, judges would like to see used more, it was the overall winner by a 5:3 vote. The other two plants in the running were Pilea peperomoides and Maranta 'Tricolour'.

Judging took place by email this year as various other engagements came up making it impossible for our judges to get together on the same day. We would still like to thank the judges for taking the time to consider the three short-listed plants and make their choice.

Thank you to our esteemed judges:

  • Kathy Fediw of i-Plants and the Board of Green Plants for Green Buildings
  • Joe Zazzera of Plant Solutions and Visionary Chair of Green Plants for Green Buildings
  • Matthew Appleby of Horticulture Week
  • Jim & Lisa Wilkinson and the team at Pro Landscaper
  • Claudia de Yong, Award winning garden designer
  • Jane Perrone, journalist and podcaster
  • Rona Wheeldon, author of the Flowerona blog
  • Chris Collins, Landscape gardener and ex-Blue Peter gardener

More about Monstera deliciosa
It has a nick-name of the Swiss Cheese plant because the holes in its leaves make it resemble this cheese. But the other part of its name, deliciosa refers to the fruit of the Monstera.

Its wonderful taste can be vouched for by one of our judges Kathy Fediw who said, "I had a chance last year to eat some of its fruit at a farmer’s market in Australia, and it was indeed delicious!"

Monstera fruit

Monstera fruit courtesy of Pinterest

Others put it in the number one spot for its aesthetic appeal, its retro statement, its glorious leaves and its hardiness.


This retro plant has certainly become increasingly popular over the last few years. Check out Pinterest and Instagram where it features regularly in all its glory. It also seems to be a favourite image for decorating fabrics and wallpapers. Well those leaves are pretty spectacular aren't they?

Monstera fabric by KarisSmithDesigns

This fabric is designed by Kari Smith Designs (@KariSmithDesigns on Instagram)

Kate Zaremba wallpaper

Wallpaper by Kate Zaremba


Did you know there are variegated varieties too??

Variegated via Pinterest

The Monstera prefers

  • the light but not full sun
  • its compost to dry out between watering
  • a light misting of its leaves regularly
  • loves its leaves to get a wipe-over with a clean cloth to remove any dust particles
  • might need support as it gets larger

This plant can grow to 3-5 metres tall in the pot with aerial roots - in the wild it uses these to cling onto trees and support itself - and will need support and possible pruning if it gets too leggy. Its leaves can grow to a metre wide and long. Its original home is South America where it naturally grows up tree trunks. Popular in the 1970s, it is gaining in popularity again.


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