Working with BRE on their biophilic office research project

on Thursday, 06 July 2017. Posted in News

Yesterday, efig's Chairman Chris Jenkin attended the launch meeting of the BRE Biophilic Office Research project. efig will be involved to disseminate information about the project to the media and beyond.

BRE group lr

The interested parties gathered at yesterday's meeting in Oxford

We hope to offer information too including a blog which interested partners will have the chance of submitting.

The project
BRE describe the project as ground-breaking to supply quantified evidence on the benefits of biophilic design on health, well-being and productivity of office occupants.

It all starts with an office refurbishment which will be used to collect this evidence. Oliver Heath, architect and interior designer, will lead on the design element of the refurbished building as BRE's partner.

'The project centres on a 650m2 1980s office building on the BRE campus in Watford, which will be refurbished according to biophilic design principles.
BRE are partnering with architect and interior designer Oliver Heath, who will lead on the design element of the refurbished building.'

You can read BRE's full launch release here.

The partners
A host of founding core partners are involved to bring their industry expertise into the project. These are:
Interface – global manufacturer of modular flooring
Biotecture – designer & supplier of living wall systems
Akzo Nobel – global paints and coatings company
Plessey – innovative lighting and ECG sensing technologies
• Royal Ahrend - professional work environments, furniture products and services
Coelux – innovative skylights to reproduce natural light
Ecophon – acoustic products and systems for working environments
GVA – real estate & project management solutions

Each of the partners will be using the office and its test facilities in the project to evaluate their products’ role in promoting the health and wellbeing of office occupants and for wider biophilic design.

Dissemination Partners
efig is one of the associations that will disseminate the ongoing information about the research project to interested parties and the media.

The other partners are:
• CPA: Construction Products Association
CIAT: Chartered Institute for Architectural Technology
CE: Construction Excellence
Innovation Gateway
BBSA: British Blind and Shutter Association
• Various media associations

If you would like to follow the progress, as well as keeping in touch with efig's social media @efig_Ltd, you could also follow @BRE_Group #biophilicoffice