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Search Engine that plants trees sees a surge in users

on Friday, 30 August 2019. Posted in News

'A search engine that puts advertising profits towards planting trees had a surge in users reportedly of 1,150 per cent because of the fires devastating the Amazon rainforests.
Ecosia, which donates most of its revenue to reforestation, enjoyed a spike in popularity last week in response to worldwide alarm over the destruction in Brazil and neighbouring countries.'

Amazon fires

This rush to help tree planting coincided with the agreement by G7 countries to create a $20m (£16.3m) fund to help Amazon countries fight wildfires.

Whether the increase in fires this year is about climate change, purposeful deforestation by farmers and developers or Brazil's President Bolsonaro this fund and awareness raising of what is going on is no bad thing. It came about after many social media posts angered over the fact that the burning of Notre Dame got much more publicity and millionaires offering to contribute to its restoration when nothing was being reported about the fires in the Amazon.

Since this outrage Leonardo DiCaprio, a known supporter of environmental issues with his own Foundation LDF, has donated 5 million dollars to the project with at least two other philanthropists.


World Land Trust

The World Land Trust works to 'protect and sustainably manage natural ecosystems of the world and is supported by Sir David Attenborough and other big names. To conserve their biodiversity, with emphasis on threatened and endangered species.' On their website, they elain that much of the problem in the Amazon is man-made or man-caused, including burning forest ares to farm cattle and soy beans. You can read what they are doing in South America to help the situation and indeed how you can help by donating!

Amaon fires 2

They also comment on the wild fires that have been occuring in Siberia and the Artic this year due to rising temperatures and how they all threaten biiodiversity.

About Ecosia
The search engine Ecosia, whose projects include the Atlantic Forest on Brazil’s east coast, says it can plant a tree every 0.8 seconds thanks to a rise in downloads of its search app and browser extension over recent months.
Ecosia says it has committed to planting a million extra trees in Brazil over six months, reconnecting remaining forest patches. Although the area is 2,500 miles from the Amazon, the company says deforestation there is “oppressive”.


Ecosia is based in Berlin, runs its servers on solar energy, uses 80 per cent of its profits for tree planting and reforestation schemes around the world.
'Working with local schemes, the non-profit company says it has planted at least 60 million trees in 15 different countries.'

It's a simple way we can help with tree planting. Download the Ecosia search engine now.