Some of the reasons why …

Interior landscaping professionally installed and maintained can add pounds to your business!

  • First and foremost plants and flowers in a client’s reception make agood impression. Research conducted in America showed that planting at the entrance of a building add a perception of quality and assurance of the business

  • Plants in work areas assure that the well-being of staff is improved (various)

  • Absence due to sickness is reduced by as much as 60% (Smith/Lohr). This has an immediate effect on the bottom line – no loss of time or productivity due to absence; no additional costs of temporary cover

  • Staff who can see plants from their desks are more likely to remain calm (Bringslimark)

  • Whilst just one plant can reduce feelings of negativity, anxiety and depression (Burchett)

  • Staff that are less stressed are more productive (Lohr)

  • And staff who have some say in the decoration of their workspace i.e. plants and pictures are 38% more productive and 45% more creative (Knight)

There is no doubt that plants have a very positive effect on workers in particular but all of us in reality. These particular mentioned points are ones that can all indicate savings companies can make by including plants as a necessary part of their decoration and provisions.