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Research into the benefits of plants was ‘kicked’ off by NASA in the 1980s. Dr Bill Wolverton was tasked to improve air quality for space stations after an unmanned craft returned to earth full of polluted air.
This starting point led to Wolverton discovering that plants absorbed the toxins in the air through photosynthesis.
From this starting point, the research has delved deeper and wider and we now find that being surrounded by plants is our natural state and that they have many positive effects on us. These range from improving our well-being and reducing stress levels to helping us recover from surgery more quickly to being more productive and creative at work.
Scientists around the globe have continued to develop and explore the ways in which plants affect us. We have collated the research that we have found on one synopsis document, ‘Plants – our perfect partners’ which you can download here.
This is an overall guide to their benefits and lists details of the research team leader and timelines where known. All research references appear at the end of the paper.